The Consciousness Company

by M. N. Rosen

In the suburbs of near-future London, two childhood friends discuss the creation of a technology company that elevates awareness and well-being. What begins in a garage grows into a ubiquitous enterprise that changes what it means to be alive.


The second founder’s desire to be desired grew out of a fragile psychological constitution and a more fundamental desire to be thought of positively by everyone and every thing. An indifferent or unfriendly contemporary, a colleague of his mother, identified by his father as not many meshuga nuts short of a fruit cake, and an artificial intelligence-powered speaker were all equally important.

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company

— Anyway, here’s what I think. The next big thing is not physical, it’s mental… Someone’s going to save – not the planet, or not JUST the planet, but the only thing that anyone can ever experience – our MINDS…
— I hate to break it to you, but that ship is somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic already with billions of dollars in fuel.

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company

— You see, most people think of most of their lives as in between times… and so most of the time, they – we – are just not fully there…

— They are where they need to be in an hour… or what are they going to eat or watch tonight… or when and where will their next escape, their next HOLIDAY, be… or when are they going to go for a swim when they are on that holiday… or when are they going to get out of the pool when they are in the pool on that holiday…

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company

Many members used the Consciousness Diary to keep a diary in a traditional form. Sometimes they spoke to themselves, sometimes to a fairy, god, or mother, sometimes to those no longer or not yet alive, and sometimes to an abstract or indistinct concept, like posterity, history, or the diary itself.

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company

The world gradually lost the privileged vision of the alien, and, like a mutated gene, the company, and others like it, provided the course few had foreseen but which most viewed retrospectively as always having been inevitable.

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company

And so it was that millions of minds reduced their resistance to thoughts and feelings they found challenging or troubling, facing more and running away less, the life-or-death intensity with which many related to matters unrelated to their survival decreased, and, after a long reign, the eternal devolved some of its power to the evanescent and the impermanent.

Excerpt from The Consciousness Company



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